About the company

Formed in the 2000's, by a small group of well experienced individuals with Technology, Marketing, Engineering, Communications and Accounting backgrounds, we have grown in to a diverse group of companies with a global client base.

Through our wholly owned subsidiaries and joint ventures, we are able to offer our clients an international presence and point of contact, while enriching our capabilities and resources with local talent. Working together as a team, the entire group is able to offer and provide unswerving commitment to each of the projects we undertake. Indeed this ethos extends all the way through our activities and staff members. Today, PTB Group is the world reference point in communication, construction, mining and oil &gas.

The multi-discipline experience of our group provides opportunities for collaboration throughout the group with resulting conceptualizations of a client’s business model offering true depth and clarity. In the same way, the "global" nature of our group allows our clients to benefit from an international team.